Noelle Easton

Noelle Easton is an American pornstar born in 1994. During her first years of activity, debuted in 2013, she occupied an important position for lovers of huge natural boobs. She had excellent body, huge natural tits that looked with a totally sensational shape and smoothness.

Photo of Noelle Easton at the beginning of her career / CC BY

Boobs like dwarf heads

Such heavy breasts can be overwhelming and carry a significant risk; in the heat of porn, a bad blow to those colossal tits could cause a shock. She also had a nice body, with a nice ass, nice curves to get give free rein to all our fantasies. Such outstanding attributes allowed her to gain a foothold in top-level production companies such as Bangbros, Brazzers and Naughty America from the very beginning. Despite a promising stage debut, enjoying sex and sucking hard, the young actress settled too soon in her comfort zone, without starring in more hardcore productions or having anal sex.

Why Noelle Easton?

But her appearance was changing over the years, as, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common. Starting in 2015, the actress experienced a marked weight loss that reduced the size of her tits considerably. Year after year, thinner and thinner, less and less curvy. Lovers of huge natural tits went into depression. Noelle Easton presented a more athletic physique, still with tits big enough to continue to attract attention, but already far from the Big Tits genre. Variety is the spice of life, there are plenty of slim actresses with fitness bodies, but not busty, plump and beautiful ones.

We men love these too, huge, squishy, meaty boobs symbolize fertility and are the dream of many men. Since 2018 she has been semi-retired, barely filming a few scenes a year. Now she is even lighter weight, with her once wonderful curves reduced to the minimum expression. She is still active on social networks and continues to work on OnlyFans to offer her followers new material, far removed from the physique of her beginnings, but as beautiful as ever.

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