Pornhub is the world’s leading online porn platform. It has been owned by MindGeek since 2010. The company also owns Youporn and Redtube, composing the largest mosaic of porn videos in history. By category, by actress, by sexual fetish. The variety is immense, porn for everyone in an accessible and fast way.

Porn is changing by leaps and bounds. It is being promoted that future actresses decide to shoot autonomously. Without having to go through the requirements of conventional porn cinema, and even without showing their face. It is a genre that has yet to break. The level of these new actresses is surpassing the standards of professional porn, they are getting prettier and younger. The short average age of most of these new actresses stands out. It is precisely this ease to shoot and start generating income quickly that attracts these very young actresses. Pornhub is on its way to becoming, if it is not already, the Google of porn.

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Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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