User’s Guide

Stories Behind Porn is a special website. Designed specifically for the connoisseurs and lovers of good porn. To satisfy the curiosity of those who need to know something about the woman they are jerking off to.

Slow jerk off is the best

We live immersed in a fast-paced world. Everything must be fast and instantaneous. But sometimes, it’s worth stopping and thinking; wouldn’t it be better to spend some time on those little things that make us happy?

First, take your time to choose. A short text accompanies each entry to introduce you to the actress, actor or producer that you have chosen. Make yourself comfortable and prepare the toilet paper; cum in your socks is ugly, whichever way you look at it. Of course, a little bit of lube always comes in handy, but spit also works for the less distinguished. At the end of the reading we leave you with a small selection of videos; and links, in case you want to go even deeper.

Two options:

Navigate directly by categories: actors, actresses, producers and various. In this way you will discover the content of the page in chronological order. Or go to our lists to select the lucky one that will satisfy your desires. We have two, pornstars or amateur pornstars. All the tables can be sorted by year of birth; the most tender teen or the fierceness of a good MILF. The page also has three other lists where the rest of the contents will appear. Actors, Porn Companies and porn articles.

Class and talent

To help you to choose, we have developed our own evaluation system. The actresses are classified according to two criteria. Class and talent. In the first one we evaluate the appearance of the actresses. In the second, we judge the performance, especially according to the level of commitment that they present during their careers. Both classifications, especially the first one, are very much subject to subjective interpretation on our part. Nevertheless, we think they are useful to get an idea of the type of actress we are dealing with from a first glance. If you consider that any rating is especially unfair you can put it in the comments or go directly to our twitter to discuss it. Thanks to our tables you can discover new promises and remember old glories, everything comes in.