Classes of pornstars


They are those pornstars with stunning physicists who debut directly for big producers. With an aura of stars from the beginning. There is a risk that they enter a comfort zone shooting only soft scenes and without hardcore demands. They are the kind of actresses who work when, where and how they want.


Totally spectacular physicists that if they pass by the street next to you you would turn to look at their asses. With the proper delivery and disposition they can become superstars widely surpassing pornstar of the High-end class.


The pawns of the pornographic industry. To reach the main producers and develop a lasting career they must adapt to the extreme practices increasingly popular in porn. They are not covers of the main productions and do not capture attention outside of porn but they are necessary for the functioning of the industry.


Unsavory actresses. If they cross you on the street, they won’t attract your attention. This kind of actresses play in porn in a difficult way. They know they’re not pretty and won’t be able to make the main productions, but they don’t care. They are the class most involved with their work, you can see that they enjoy the scenes on a personal level. They are in porn because they like the idea of being fucked in front of the cameras and thousands of men spilling their seed with their laborious work.