13 things about Daphne Rosen

Although she retired in 2014, Daphne Rosen’s legacy is still very much present. Her lush forms are still remembered by fans and rivers of cum still flow with her work. What better way to pay tribute to such a tremendous woman than to dig through her interviews and pull out interesting facts for her fans.

Before I start, I have to thank my partner and friend @FanDaphneRosen. He has provided me with all the material to extract the information, without him this article would have been impossible to do.

  1. Although she moved at the age of 3 to Boston (Massachusetts) she is Jewish and was born in Tel-Aviv (Israel). Her mother was born in Israel and her father is a third generation Ukrainian Jew.
  2. Her parents were hippies, she grew up in a liberal and taboo-free environment.
  3. She was sexually precocious, her first experience was at the age of 12 with another girl, at 14 with the first boy and her first anal was at 16. As if that wasn’t enough, she also had her first double penetration before entering porn.
  4. She was a good student; if she hadn’t focused on porn at such a young age, she would have studied psychology, specializing in relationships and sexuality.
  5. She was a pornstar proud of her work. She always said that sex is something natural that we shouldn’t feel guilty about. She loved the profession, getting paid for having sex, without having to suffer long working hours, was a dream for her.
  6. Openly bisexual, lesbian scenes were never a problem for her. She adored big women, with huge breasts and nice curves.
  7. Her biggest sexual fantasy is having sex in a broken elevator.
  8. Her favorite position is her on top (cowgirl), she loves to ride men and make them cum inside.
  9. To transform herself into the spectacular Daphne Rosen 2.0, she not only underwent surgery to get her tits done and dyed her hair brunette. She also worked hard in the gym, lost weight and gained a lot of ass muscle.
  10. She spends her free time watching television, playing video games (especially World of Warcraft), and reading books and comics.
  11. Her favorite color is purple.
  12. She doesn’t like to watch her scenes; she is a perfectionist and always suffers for things she could have done better.
  13. She is addicted to coffee, she can’t go a day without drinking a few cups.
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