Noelle Easton

Noelle Easton is an American pornstar born in 1994. During her first years of activity, debuted in 2013, she occupied an important position for lovers of huge natural boobs. She had excellent body, huge natural tits that looked with a totally sensational shape and smoothness.

Photo of Noelle Easton at the beginning of her career / CC BY

Boobs like dwarf heads

Such heavy breasts can be overwhelming and carry a significant risk; in the heat of porn, a bad blow to those colossal tits could cause a shock. She also had a nice body, with a nice ass, nice curves to get give free rein to all our fantasies. Such outstanding attributes allowed her to gain a foothold in top-level production companies such as Bangbros, Brazzers and Naughty America from the very beginning. Despite a promising stage debut, enjoying sex and sucking hard, the young actress settled too soon in her comfort zone, without starring in more hardcore productions or having anal sex.

Why Noelle Easton?

But her appearance was changing over the years, as, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common. Starting in 2015, the actress experienced a marked weight loss that reduced the size of her tits considerably. Year after year, thinner and thinner, less and less curvy. Lovers of huge natural tits went into depression. Noelle Easton presented a more athletic physique, still with tits big enough to continue to attract attention, but already far from the Big Tits genre. Variety is the spice of life, there are plenty of slim actresses with fitness bodies, but not busty, plump and beautiful ones.

We men love these too, huge, squishy, meaty boobs symbolize fertility and are the dream of many men. Since 2018 she has been semi-retired, barely filming a few scenes a year. Now she is even lighter weight, with her once wonderful curves reduced to the minimum expression. She is still active on social networks and continues to work on OnlyFans to offer her followers new material, far removed from the physique of her beginnings, but as beautiful as ever.

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Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is an American pornstar born in 1972. With an extensive career in front of the spotlight, she occupies a very privileged place in the MILF Olympus. Good women, the dirty and willing ones, are like good wine, they gain with the years.

Lisa Ann. Photo taken by Glenn Francis at the 2014 AVN Awards / CC BY

Mommy makes your dick hard

A good MILF is the dream of many young men. Boys who fantasized about their history teacher, that 50-year-old woman who went to class with such tight pants that you could see everything. So tight that when she turned around to face the blackboard her ass would open in two, a bit saggy, true, but she offered a wonderful spectacle. Tight and old flesh, you could even imagine the smell of that asshole. In one of these she approaches your table, you turn red, you can’t look her in the eyes. She smiles, and believe it or not, her pussy was throbbing, dreaming of you. Yes, she was horny too, why else would she wear those pants?

With so many history teachers, it’s no wonder MILFs have grown exponentially in popularity. Lisa Ann started in 1991, dancing in erotic clubs, two years later she debuted in porn. Bad timing, the numerous cases of AIDS that appeared in the industry during those years, caused her to leave a few months later. In 2004, she returned to her porn career, her comeback could not have been better. With 47 years, the sexual potency of the pornstar was overwhelming, she sucked and fucked as if her life depended on it, her experience and scenic mastery made all the teens who struggled to make a place for themselves pale.

Lisa Ann wanted more

She already had the young public, she only needed the adult public, more interested in economics and politics. Men with less sexual appetite, but still eager for good handjobs. Their wives no longer please them, and they have to look for satisfaction in porn. Her fame exploded in 2008, playing Sarah Palin in Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?. It was a real boom, for a few months everyone was talking about her. She seized the moment and specialized in playing Sarah Palin’s stunt double in other movies, according to IAFD, she did it in at least 8 more. That same year, she made an appearance in the music video Dead Bite by the band Hollywood Undead.

In April 2013 she was inducted into the XRCO Awards Hall of Fame. That same year, the New York Post reported that she was the most popular porn star in the world, according to data provided by Pornhub. She has also worked as a director in 75 films. Not only does she do porn, she also has a podcast, The Lisa Ann Experience, where she does interviews, talks about psychology and human nature. Like Shy Love, she has also written several books telling us about her experiences in and out of porn. Lisa Ann is a good example of an intelligent and enterprising woman.

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SladkiSlivki is a Ukrainian amateur actress born in 1998. She is one of the most talented amateurs of recent times. The perfect girlfriend; she may not be the prettiest, nor has the best body, but she has everything we need, she sucks like a goddess, with a lot of desire, with good technique and deep in her throat.

Dreaming is free

While we dream of finding a girl like SladkiSlivki, we have to settle for lazy blowjobs and jerking off to these masters of giving pleasure. Platforms like pornhub are our best allies, now more and more girls are daring to take the leap into porn. But something is changing. The amateur porn market is beginning to be saturated, and it is increasingly necessary to bring interesting things. There are hundreds of beautiful actresses, with stunning bodies, for all tastes, busty, fitness, with big butts … Of all colors and for all tastes. This young girl shines sucking, she sucks better than any pornstar specialized in hardcore porn, at the level of legends of the genre like Annette Schwarz.

A bottomless throat

As we already said, in this case, the main theme of her videos are blowjobs. She does a great job, all inside and without gagging, she even dares to facefuck. She sucks with tremendous desire, from the balls to the tip. Without leaving anything on the way and intensifying the rhythm with a very satisfactory progression. You can see she was born for deepthroat. All this showing her face and with a style so refined that at times it surpasses professional porn. And not only that, she loves it when guys finish in her throat, something complicated to see, and that porn lovers especially value. Her boyfriend doesn’t leave her any other option, he always does the same, every time he cums he grabs her by the hair and cum inside, whatever it takes.

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Fablazed is an amateur porn actress born in Venezuela. She has a penetrating gaze and likes to command. She tries to offer quality content; her videos don’t get boring, anal sex, blowjobs, or solo, however she does it well. Furthermore, she’s committed to getting all your cum out, and she won’t stop until she gets it.

A very slutty coach

She has a gym body, like that aerobics teacher who makes your cock burst, the one who wears pants that show all her pussy to make everyone who comes across her sick. Slim and with a firm ass; that you can’t stop looking at through the glass that separates the muscle room from the group classes. You can’t focus on your workout, you are dedicated to retain every millimeter of that ass to create a good image in your mind, as you get home you get a great handjob, you’ll drink the protein shake later. Fablazed knows how to keep the viewer’s attention and arouse our imagination, how to show her body to enhance her best attributes and make us horny.

You’d better obey

And as a good teacher, she is good at commanding. When an actress is good at something she has to exploit it, it’s hard to get noticed among so many competitors. She is a specialist in JOI (Jerk Off Instruction). Following her instructions guarantees you a good jerk off, but be careful where you end up. She knows she does it well; knows how to speak and has a vocabulary, she has already recorded many videos of this style.

When it comes to sex she is not bad, she needs to be even dirtier, but she is still above average. She enjoys sex and moans loudly. It is a sex more like the one you would have with your girlfriend than the one we see in professional porn movies. Of course, her videos are well recorded. She takes care of the image quality and the shots, it’s no use to be hot if the video ends up blurry. Her technique for blowjobs is not even close to the level of the professionals, but she makes up for it with a good attitude and receiving the jizz with pleasure.

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