Pornhub deletes 10 million videos

Last December, PornHub removed all videos uploaded by unverified users. A drastic decision that has the audience furious. No wonder, they have gone from having 13 million videos to only 3.


And what is the reason?

The problem is longstanding. The page has been in the media spotlight for years. But everything got out of control for Pornhub on December 4 with an article in the New York Times that denounced the company’s business model. The newspaper claimed that the company was profiting from videos published without the consent of their authors, with child pornography and rapes.

Besides Paypal, since December 10th Visa and Mastercard stopped accepting payments to the platform. Without sources of income, with their business model seriously damaged, they had to take such a drastic resolution. Many of the links on our page have been affected, but we will gradually try to replace them all so that you can continue to enjoy our content.

Last Updated on March 13, 2023