How to evaluate the actors?

The career of porn actors is totally opposite to that of actresses. They could be compared to 100 meters athletes; their start is explosive, they give what they have fast, and their professional career is usually short. For them, the story is quite different, since their salaries are considerably lower than those of their female colleagues. Their careers, therefore, are much longer. They are the long-distance runners of porn, they have to work for hours keeping their limbs in a state of perpetual erection.

In stories behind the porn, we already evaluate the performance and appearance of the actresses. The actors weren’t going to be any less. That’s when it came to my mind; how I should value actors? I had to develop a precise method to avoid ambiguity and to cover enough aspects so that the final score would be fair. Obviously, the parameters to be qualified are very different from those of the actresses. Actors often take a back seat, no less important, and their work must be valued differently. Therefore, we are going to develop a scoring system based on the following categories.

Photo taken in a scene from the French film "Montre-moi du rose!" in 2009 by John B. Root / CC BY



A good actor must transform himself in front of the cameras. Bring out his animal side and imbue his face with the fierceness of a true stallion. From a purely technical point of view, they must always offer the best angle and keep the girl in an optimal position so that we don’t miss any detail of the action.



The appearance of the actors counts. Maybe not so much for the male audience, but more and more women are consuming porn assiduously; a handsome man with a sculptural physique will always attract more audience than an out-of-shape guy. Moreover, actresses tend to feel more comfortable with good-looking actors, which also has an impact on the quality of the content.



Many of the detractors of professional porn claim that it reflects unreality, overly forced situations and aesthetic canons so exaggerated that they are harmful to viewers. Such arguments are clearly absurd. We must remember that we are dealing with films. Their objective is to entertain and to serve as a stimulus for masturbation. Are the protagonists of action films criticized for being too handsome, muscular and carrying large caliber weapons? No, we are all very clear that these are works of fiction where the exaggeration is a central part of the genre. In porn, too. So this point is clear; the bigger, the better. And of course, a huge penis is worthless if it can’t maintain quality erections throughout the scene.



An essential quality that separates the good from the great actor. It’s necessary to maintain the intensity throughout the scene and to have a superior endurance. No one wants to see a tired actor.



An excellent film with a bad ending can ruin all the previous work. It’s the same with actors. The ejaculations should be abundant and come out with sufficient potency. Aiming is also important, it’s a real art. To end up in the mouth, it is necessary to be precise and, above all, to avoid directing shots into the nostrils and eyes. In the facials, the subject becomes even more relevant. As if they were artists giving brushstrokes, the disposition of the drops is very critical to cover the face of the actress with elegance and style.


Acrobatic skills

The most striking positions require powerful legs and a great sense of balance. Clear examples of this are the double and triple penetrations; the actors must coordinate like real circus artists. These kinds of positions are not usually included in all scenes, but are a good indicator to evaluate the performance of the actors in the most demanding situations.

Photo taken in a scene from the French film “Montre-moi du rose!” in 2009 by John B. Root / CC BY

Last Updated on March 13, 2023