Candy Love

Candy Love is a 19-year-old amateur porn actress. She has a body that looks like a fake, practically made by computer, unreachable for the common of mortals, who must settle for normal women. These girls have never had it so easy; they make porn, earn good money and keep their privacy. All the benefits, without any of the problems.

Without showing your face

She doesn’t show her face, maybe she’s incredibly ugly, but we don’t care. In porn we care about what really matters to us. With that ass and those tits, nice and still perfect to fit in your mouth, it doesn’t matter if she’s cross-eyed or one-eyed, we’d still love her just the same. But there’s nothing worse than a bored amateur, apart from the physique there has to be something else. Candy Love knows it, she makes an effort and sucks hard. Where she shines the most is riding, she’s on top, you can tell she’s in good shape, she does it hard and keeps the cadence long enough for her boyfriend to leave her well filled.

An ass at Pornhub’s service

Pornhub is full of models who barely know how to suck, as if an amateur runner would sign up for a marathon, he would only make a fool of himself, well unfortunately, this happens to most of the girls we see on Pornhub. You have to offer quality porn or something different. Since she doesn’t show her face, her blowjobs can’t be fully satisfying for the viewers, but no problem, Candy Love loves anal sex and she shows it to us in her videos.

She doesn’t move badly at all and she’s not afraid to get her asshole gaped wide open. Plus, she talks and moans constantly, which is much appreciated, some amateurs barely make a sound and are very boring, no one likes to fuck a mute. She also handles that pair of tits well, she gets the cum out of her partner with no problem. As of today, she ranks second on the platform and her videos accumulate more than 400 million views.

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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