Mia Marin

Mia Marin is a Mexican pornstar born in 1994. She is a real porn actress, pleasure and work are not incompatible for her. She has a stunning body, she attracts a lot of attention, very tall and with good hips to grab and give her what she deserves.

Proud of her work

These are dark times for porn, it’s getting harder and harder to find actresses that get involved, that really enjoy sex in front of the camera. Porn has become a machine to use women, a meat grinder where girls shoot a few scenes and that’s it, go for the next one, younger and more inexperienced. Pornstars who don’t even know how to suck, a real disaster. Outside of the MILF genre, it’s getting harder and harder to see actresses with good sexual technique and the desire to do things right

But Mia Marin loves what she does, she has nothing to be ashamed of, she is very proud to be a porn actress and to please men. She made her debut in 2014, for the Mexican company SexMex. She already had experience, she had toured Mexico with her live sex shows. She sucks outstandingly, with meaty lips, sucks with the perfect combination of technique and energy. In addition, she finishes like the champions; she pulls out the cum, tastes and shows it on camera, proud of a job well done, swallows and smiles. In 2018 she left Mexico to start working in European production companies. She has done practically everything; bukkakes and orgies included.

Scandalous by nature

Mia Marin has it clear, let them talk bad, but let them talk. She has specialized in filming porn in public places. In 2018 she was arrested for starring in a scene at the JRZ Monument in Ciudad Juarez, according to the press, she resisted arrest, for her porn comes first, it’s clear, you can’t leave a scene half done, whatever it takes.

In 2020 she was back in the Mexican press. She recorded another scene from a boat in the Sumidero Canyon. According to the authorities, she would be denounced for having sex in a national park without permission, because they claim it denigrates the image of the municipality and one of the main natural attractions in the country, a statement too bold, the only crime that Mia Marín has committed is to give love.

Photo taken by FonsecaXXX in October 2018 / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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