Purple Bitch

Purple Bitch is an amateur porn actress born in 1995. In her description, she tells us that she studied hairdressing, but her lust won. She loves to show off, to make men dream and cum with her work. She is very professional, unlike most amateurs, she practically looks like a pornstar, the line between industrial porn and homemade porn is getting thinner and thinner.

Merging amateur and professional porn

At this point, it is worth asking ourselves, what differences exist between the two genres. In a certain sense, Pornhub offers the service of the classic production companies, offering girls a platform with millions of users in exchange for a juicy slice, without putting the stages, cameras or makeup artists; all the benefits with very little work. Something similar to what production companies like Bangbros or Brazzers used to do, which also served as a launching pad for some girls to monetize their popularity, before offering their sexual services as escorts, and now selling their content through Onlyfans.

The competition is brutal, today thousands of girls are doing everything they can to climb the Pornhub rankings and reach the public. The level is only going up. The main difference is that now the girls can record from home, and they choose the guys. But Purple Bitch has already shot professional scenes on more than one occasion, and has also collaborated on several occasions with other actresses and actors.

Squeezing the geek

She is exploring the “anime” aesthetics in every possible way. Physically, although she has a nice body, she doesn’t stand out among the pretties that abound in the amateur genre. She was very clear about where to take her career in order to earn as much as possible. The geeks are the best clients, those guys who have spent half their lives studying and jerking off, now have good jobs and earn a lot of money, those guys, hungry for female attention, and who have never seen a tit in real life, will give everything asking for very little.

But to succeed, it takes much more than that. She loves to shoot, she doesn’t force situations, you can tell she’s comfortable with what she does. Of course, she offers her ass, the demand for this content is so high that the girls who don’t do it have to have a physique of 10, or work a lot on other aspects such as the art of giving blowjobs. As if all this were not enough, she has recorded several double penetrations, getting even closer to industrial porn.

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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