Fablazed is an amateur porn actress born in Venezuela. She has a penetrating gaze and likes to command. She tries to offer quality content; her videos don’t get boring, anal sex, blowjobs, or solo, however she does it well. Furthermore, she’s committed to getting all your cum out, and she won’t stop until she gets it.

A very slutty coach

She has a gym body, like that aerobics teacher who makes your cock burst, the one who wears pants that show all her pussy to make everyone who comes across her sick. Slim and with a firm ass; that you can’t stop looking at through the glass that separates the muscle room from the group classes. You can’t focus on your workout, you are dedicated to retain every millimeter of that ass to create a good image in your mind, as you get home you get a great handjob, you’ll drink the protein shake later. Fablazed knows how to keep the viewer’s attention and arouse our imagination, how to show her body to enhance her best attributes and make us horny.

You’d better obey

And as a good teacher, she is good at commanding. When an actress is good at something she has to exploit it, it’s hard to get noticed among so many competitors. She is a specialist in JOI (Jerk Off Instruction). Following her instructions guarantees you a good jerk off, but be careful where you end up. She knows she does it well; knows how to speak and has a vocabulary, she has already recorded many videos of this style.

When it comes to sex she is not bad, she needs to be even dirtier, but she is still above average. She enjoys sex and moans loudly. It is a sex more like the one you would have with your girlfriend than the one we see in professional porn movies. Of course, her videos are well recorded. She takes care of the image quality and the shots, it’s no use to be hot if the video ends up blurry. Her technique for blowjobs is not even close to the level of the professionals, but she makes up for it with a good attitude and receiving the jizz with pleasure.

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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