Jessie Andrews

Jessie Andrews is an American ex-pornstar born in 1992. She is one of those actresses hard to forget, so beautiful that it is strange to see her in porn. With a perfect physique for the teen genre, and a beautiful face, innocent in appearance, she had no problem to debut directly in style, with only 18 years.

Jessie Andrews. Photo taken by Glenn Francis in 2014 / CC BY

The perfect girlfriend

She fulfilled with excellence all the requirements to succeed in professional porn, as we all know, it takes more than a pretty face to succeed. Jessie Andrews got into her pornstar role, her performances were serious. Elegant and slutty, a winning combination. She enjoyed sex in every scene, of course, she didn’t have a very refined technique, but she more than made up for it with her way of giving herself, practically like a nymphomaniac.

So beautiful and so slutty, a dream for everyone. She revolutionized the industry, and companies like New Sensations and Hustler were surrendering to the charms of the young woman. In 2012 came her first official recognition, with nothing less than the AVN award for best actress of the year for Portrait of a Call Girl (2011). As a good High-End actress she put her ass at too high a price, she made only one scene in her entire career, in 2014 for The Gardener.

In a very short time, already with the status of pornstar, she made the step to the mainstream. In 2012 she appeared in Decisions, a song where Borgore collaborates with Miley Cyrus. That 2012, same year, she also launched her own jewelry brand under the name of Bagatiba. In this way, and with her career as a professional model fully launched, she established herself as a celebrity also outside of porn. Unfortunately for her legions of fans, she left the profession relatively early, in 2016. Still, she left us a great legacy with 367 scenes, according to IAFD.

Not just porn

Since she was 20 years old, she also led a career as a DJ, her first single was I Never Knew (2013). Apart from her jewelry collection, she has developed several fashion businesses in parallel. A whole brand image was created around the young woman. Her motto is to break the norm and produce pieces based not only on season or collection, but on inspiration and trends. She has been featured in Forbes, as well as other magazines specialized in fashion and trends, for her innovation in the e-commerce sector and the creation of a fashion empire.

As if that wasn’t enough, she is carving out a career as a mainstream actress. She made her film debut in the movie Hot Summer Nights (2017), she also appears in the second season of the hit HBO series Euphoria alongside Zendaya. Her first starring role will come in the psychological thriller Love Bomb to be released in mid-2023.

Photo taken by Glenn Francis in 2014 / CC BY

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