Triple penetration

We’ve already talked about double penetration. In this hardcore porn intensity escalation, the curl can be further curled. In two variants, double vaginal or double anal, it is the most radical standard practice of today’s porn. Surely in this search for the extreme in the future will come new methods that surpass it in intensity. It will be quite difficult, the physical limit is already very close in the latest productions of producers such as Legal Porno.

The execution is tremendously complex, although it may seem relatively easy from the outside. Successful coordination requires perfect execution. The chosen ones need powerful lower trains to maintain the position and achieve the complex objective. Once in position, the rhythm must be kept in step and the angle of penetration at the optimum point. But without a doubt, the most difficult role is played by actresses who put their physical resistance and anal elasticity to the limit.

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

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