Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is a retired American pornstar born in 1976. Her exuberant and exotic beauty, half English half Thai, allowed her to achieve the most absolute success within professional porn. Before that, she also developed a successful career as a conventional model, even posing for Vogue. A clear example of High-end pornstar.

Tera Patrick

Condemned to glory

She took her first steps into eroticism as a model for Playboy and Penthouse. With tremendous potential, she took the decision to move into porn in 1999. She reigned from the first stages of her career. With such a presence, a stunning natural body and a model’s face, her name has been in the spotlight since her debut. It happened in Aroused (1999), with lesbian sex and directed by Andrew Blake. Her first heterosexual film came early, Fire And Ice (1999). A soft scene in which she was quite comfortable, gave birth to superstar.

The industry surrendered to her. In 2001, she won the award for best newcomer actress by the AVN and XRCO, as well the award for best interactive DVD by Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick (2000). A title where we could enjoy Tera Patrick much more uninhibited and involved with the profession. Already in possession the genuine look of a pornstar; lascivious, dirty and devoted in providing the greatest of pleasures. Also, in those beginnings she signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground that ended up in litigation for the rights to her name. The agreement was broken prematurely and the studio tried, unsuccessfully, that she wouldn’t use her name, already turned into a lucrative brand, until the end of the contract in January 2007.

Successful Woman: Pornstar and Entrepreneur

In 2003, with her reputation fully established as one, of the great queens of porn, she was away for a few months from shooting. She had her breasts augmented and started her career as a businesswoman by creating her own production company, Teravision. A year later she married Evan Seinfeld, singer of the hardcore punk band Biohazard. This fact decisively marked her career, since from that moment until 2006 she was limited to filming heterosexual sex scenes only with him. Always inside a soft porno, shooting like she wanted and when she wanted. Even so, she left some scenes of anal sex that are preserved like pearls within her filmography.

In 2007, she became more and more focused on making a name for herself outside of pornography. She worked as a conventional actress in Blades of Glory (2007), participated in the reality show Secret Lives of Women (2008) and appeared, also collaborating in the promotion, in the video game Saints Row 2 (2008). She officially retired in 2018, but since 2009 she had been limited to shooting a few number of films per year. Currently, although away from the big production companies, she continues to offer content in OnlyFans and its official website is still active.

Photo taken in 2007 / CC BY

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