Sweetie Fox

The new amateurs are gaining ground. Their videos, with just a camera and the firm will to make their fans horny, are displacing the professional recordings. Sweetie Fox is one of the exponents of this new type of porn, in which the quality of the scenes is no longer so important, now the important thing is to make a lot of noise to collect as much as possible for OnlyFans.

Cum cosplayer

And how to attract attention? This young woman born in 2001 had it clear from the beginning, to succeed, apart of having a beautiful face and an outstanding body, you have to adapt to new trends. She is one of the most active and recognized cosplayers, Sweetie Fox knows very well how to make geeks horny and squeeze them to the last drop. Hyperactive in networks, and with the firm purpose of collecting as much as possible, she has managed to get the number one position in the category of amateur porn actresses on Pornhub. Of course, she has also jumped on the TikTok dance craze to complete the web that directs her fans to her paid networks.

Porn without wear and tear

Although it is always a pleasure to see such a beautiful and well-proportioned girl in action, her videos are nothing to write home about. Somewhat lacking in intensity and, although she puts her heart and soul into it, her technique lags behind compared to the pros. She does do anal, and she makes an effort sucking, but she lags far behind if we compare her with the real man-eaters that, although less and less in number, abound in professional porn. Not everything is going to be bad, her scenes are very varied, she makes an effort to change the scenarios and to look different each time.

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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