Solazola is an amateur pornstar born in Tallinn (Estonia) in 1999. The young actress is one of the best exponents of the new generation of porn actresses. She’ s extremely beautiful and has an amazing body, so much so that she’s revolutionizing Pornhub’s home porn.


A leading student

Without underestimating her performances, if there is a reason why she is where she is, its because of her magnificent body. It isn’t easy for such a thin girl to have such considerable curves. Her performances are more than correct for an amateur. Above all, she stands out for her blowjobs looking at the camera; she takes it seriously and succeeds in transmitting an incredible lust. Sex isn’t bad, but it lacks a point of intensity to measure up to the big ones.

So far, she hasn’t had to turn to hardcore porn to stay in the top positions on the platform. To date, her videos have received more than 500 million visits. Neither she has any scene with anal sex, a real shame, to see that fine ass dilating would be delicious. Only time will tell how far she is able to go, but at the moment she doesn’t seem to be taking the plunge.

Nominee for Amateur Porn Queen

With so many qualities she could be a top-level pornstar and sign lucrative contracts, no doubt about it, but Pornhub’s new business model has changed things. They are generating a new ecosystem in which it is increasingly common for amateur stars to collaborate with each other. Solazola has already shared a camera with Mia Bandini and LuxuryGirl.

Since these last months she is making a more diverse content; threesomes, compilations of best moments, sex with voyeurs… The competition to reach the top of the platform is increasingly tough, now there is no other choice than to innovate and create original situations to attract the general public.

Photo taken by Oh.provista in 2022 / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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