Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint is a retired Czech pornstar born in 1976. This is a name that any porn fan should know. Before shooting porn movies she was a lingerie model with a spectacular presence. Tremendously attractive, a superb beauty. Stunning and with a slight air of innocence that she lost as soon as the action started.

Silvia Saint

At the age of 21, she was casting her first film for Private. She passed the test without any problems. It couldn’t be any other way. She was uninhibited and with a natural talent for sex, a refined style, without falling into vulgarities but energetic enough not to disappoint hardcore porn fans. The perfect combination of talent, beauty and youth. In a very short time, she became a real star that transcended the field of pornography.

The year of her debut was Czech Republic’s Pet of the Year and in 1998 she would do the same with the American version. With such attributes she could have afforded a career in light porn, but it didn’t happen. From the start, Silvia Saint went into hardcore porn with great determination, surpassing every milestone with an outstanding result. Rough anal sex, orgies, BDSM and she even dared to do double anal penetration in two occasions. In 2000 she announced her retirement but a year later she was back to film only lesbian scenes. Her decision to leave the cameras definitively came in 2013. She left an impeccable filmography, 423 titles that are already part of the golden history of world pornography.

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