Hardcore porn and anal degeneration

You don’t have to be very observant to realize that fashionable sexual practices in the porn industry are becoming more and more extreme. There is visible competition among hardcore porn producers to offer ever stronger and more eye-catching content. This process is affecting mainstream porn that has to raise its intensity standards to adapt to the new trend and not be excessively light.

On the other side of the stage we have the actresses. Their careers in purely hardcore production companies like Legal Porno are very short, the wear they experience in the scenes is too intense to become routine.

To illustrate we will see the following videos of pornstar Adriana Chechik, one of the most hardcore actresses has shot in recent years. The punishment received over the years is clearly observable. More than 680 porn movies are not to blame, the vast majority of them with scenes of more or less intense anal sex.

One of his first annals

After years of hardcore porn