Nina Mercedez

Nina Mercedez is a retired American pornstar born in 1979. Thanks to her spectacular appearance, she started out as a model and dancer. In 2000 she posed for Penthouse and began to be recognized within the American erotic circuit. She won prestigious titles and achieved celebrity status in the quest to move into professional porn in the most lucrative way possible.

Nina Mercedez

Like the big ones, with an exclusive contract for Vivid and being the lead actress since her first film, So I Married a Porn Star (2003). Nina Mercedez didn’t do badly, showing a correct attitude and feeling comfortable since the first shoots. Of course, thanks to her superstar status, she had been able to gradually adapt to the industry, without feeling the exigencies of professional porn. However, the same year of her debut she already filmed anal sex and left us some amazing sequences. In 2006 she left Vivid to focus on her website and give in to the desires of fans to finish getting into hardcore sex.

It wasn’t until 2011 that she starred in her first double penetration in Popular Demand. She was uninhibited, visibly excited by the idea of having two men inside her and with a sublime energy. Her impressive appearance did the rest, and she established herself as a true queen of porn. The actress broke the porn barrier on several occasions. She appeared in some videoclips like Hit the Floor and Right Here Right Now. Furthermore, she has proven herself to be an enterprising woman. She saw a good opportunity in cosplay and created, now disappeared. Where the pornstar dressed up as suggestive characters together with other stars of the sector.

She retired from the profession in 2013 leaving 115 films according to IAFD. On the personal side, she is married to Raymond Balboa. An executive of Vivid that she met during her years of exclusivity with the company. The ex-pornstar is currently developing a career as a fitness model under her real name, Mariza Villareal. She has an official website and a youtube channel. In this way we can see her tremendous physique practicing complex exercises to maintain such an exaggerated appearance.

Photo taken at the Sydney Sexpo in March 2012 by Eva Rinaldi / CC BY

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