Lolly Lips

Lolly Lips is an amateur pornographic actress born in 2000. In less than a year she has achieved more than 67 million views for her Pornhub channel. This is a significant number, so that in a short time her name will start to be recognized among the followers of homemade porn.

Her scenes are highly rated by the audience of the always demanding Pornhub. This is largely due to the good work of the young actress. A beauty who, apart from a natural body of scandal, works like a professional to give us scenes of great level. Always devoted, attentive and acting in a totally uninhibited and unsuitable way for a novel of such a short age. In some of her videos she even dares to perform, trying to go a bit further and thus subtracting some monotony from the limited amateur porn.

Last Updated on February 1, 2023