Katsuni is a former French pornstar with Vietnamese roots, born in 1979. She started her career as a stripper and erotic model to make the leap to professional porn in 2001. She did her first jobs for prestigious French companies such as Coolmax and Video Marc Dorcel. Her striking Asian features, and a sculpted physique adorned with a great ass, was more than enough to guarantee her a lucrative career in American porn.

Katsuni. Photo taken at AVN Expo 2010 by flipchip / CC BY

The best asian actress

In 2005, she moved to the United States, reaping a resounding success and very favorable reviews from critics. That same year she won the AVN award for best foreign actress and her name was recognized in the industry as one of the most promising. Her scenes are among the best in history, she was a classy slut. Her anal sex scenes are part of the golden history of porn. But she was also very elegant, with a great class and a very refined sexual technique. In 2003, she underwent surgery to increase the size of her breasts, with a very favorable result.

An ass that left us impressed

With this new image, very much in keeping with the standards of the time, she achieved success and clearly rose as one of the main figures of world porn. Winning again the AVN Award for best foreign actress in the company of 3 other awards, among which the best anal sex scene with Manuel Ferrara. After her retirement in 2013, she is carving a career as a mainstream actress, highlighting her appearances in the Cambodian action film Jailbreak and in the French comedy Porn in the Hood.

Photo taken at AVN Expo 2010 by flipchip / CC BY

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