Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow is a retired American pornstar born in 1981. She is in her own right one of the historic hardcore porn of the first decade of the millennium. Her legacy continues to this day being remembered and glorified by fans who still remember her performing at an extraordinary level in all kinds of extreme sexual practices.

She began her career in pornography in 2000 shyly and without yet polishing her potential for sex. Not much time passed and the young woman began to reveal her capacity for the most excessive and bestial porn of the time. Double penetrations, deep throat, overwhelming anal gapes and violent sex in abundance. In 2010 the actress made a series of scenes for demonstrating her entire class and a brilliant level of delivery that temporarily re-launched him at a time when young pornstar girls captured the industry’s main attention. She retired in 2013 leaving 783 IAFD scenes and a timeless legacy in the history of hardcore porn.