Kat (also known as Kat Kiss, Cat and Katalina) is a retired American pornstar born in 1985. Of Latin descent and with an eye-catching teenage look, she made a name for herself from the beginning. With a girl’s face, brackets and great determination for hardcore sex.


Right to extreme porn

She started shooting for production companies specialized in extreme sex. Giving everything in each scene as good porn cinema demands and of course, doing anal sex, double penetrations and all kinds of artifices demanded by the director on duty with a big smile on her face. She had no problem acting as a submissive with quite strong humiliations considering that she was just a newcomer. With only 19 years old and such a level of dedication her future in the industry was assured, that first year she was already shooting for studios like New Sensations and Hustler Videos with more than positive results.

When hard work is not enough

During her period of activity, from 2004 to 2012, she was one of the main exponents of hardcore porn. Always doing anal sex and leaving just a few soft lesbian sex scenes. Her career was passed among big companies but, for one reason or another, she never won an award in recognition. This is remarkable because such a display of attitude to extreme sex would have deserved at least an award. Her ability for oral sex never stood out but her consistency and commitment more than made up for it. If it is true that her main name, Kat, because it was so common and never was associated decisively with a surname, could have hampered her career and brand image as a pornstar; a real shame.

Photo taken at a West Coast Productions party in 2005 by www.lukeisback.com / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023