Gloryhole Secrets

Gloryhole Secrets is an American pornographic production company specialized, as its name indicates, in the art of Gloryholes. They are the direct competence of Gloryhole Swallow, both with similar content. Cumshots counters and the same aesthetic, a cubicle, cocks emerging from holes and actresses willing to suck them.


The awakening of an old genre

The genre isn’t new, there are videos with decades behind them but never a production company has taken the Gloryhole to such a degree of perfection. As is often the case with great ideas, the concept is very simple. One camera shooting from the side and another from above the holes in the purest POV style. It’s a type of porn where the skill of the actress is everything, where the skillful ones shine and the more clumsy and unwilling ones can hardly offer anything. The goal is simple. Whether with elegance or brutality, to make dozens of men ejaculate without spilling a drop of cum in the process. A cumshots counter to avoid getting lost and, occasionally, some vaginal penetration put the cherry on top of a material that is conquering more and more viewers.

Unstoppable growth

Companies such as Brazzers and Bangbros also work in the genre, however, the great work of Gloryhole Secrets is beginning to pay off and their reputation is growing. Increasingly consolidated and with their videos accumulating thousands and thousands of reproductions in Pornhub. They are also making pornstars of a higher profile dare to give way to their massive Gloryholes. They began by recruiting unknown girls who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to make their debut in front of a large audience, but today things are changing for the better. Actresses of the highest level such as Ella Knox, Daisy Stone, Taylor Sands and Luna Lovely have already passed through their facilities. It will only be a matter of time before the practice becomes mainstream and others follow in their footsteps.

Photo taken by GorillaSushi / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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