Foxy Di

Foxy Di is a Russian ex-pornstar born in 1994. She has a physique of the highest level, one of the most beautiful actresses of recent times, she looks like a model. Apart from beauty, she has very generous tits for such a slim body. A perfect combination that made that, without ever feeling uninhibited in front of the cameras, she reached an enormous popularity.

Halfway through

She made her debut in 2013, timidly and without feeling comfortable. With that doll face she had no problem working, but something was wrong. At times it seemed that, although apparently smiling, rather than enjoying sex, she suffered in the scenes. Practically, it seemed that she didn’t feel comfortable showing her body, it was just a formality to earn some money. She sucked with no desire and never swallowed it, nor did she make a happy face when she received the cum, too many defects to be a pornstar.

At least, her progression, if it was favorable, she didn’t do like many other beautiful girls who just do lesbian porn, we saw Foxy Di having good anal sex, she continued her career shooting mainly in Europe, away from the American industrial porn.

It’s not all about having a pretty face

Unfortunately for everyone, she never got to show her true potential. She seems to be really uncomfortable in many of her scenes, she never let loose and never behaved like a real pornstar. That lack of desire deprived her of receiving a good handful of recognitions in the form of awards. Nowadays, thanks to the popularity gained in porn movies, she has launched a career as a party promoter and professional DJ. In the links below you have her instagram, in case you are curious to see Foxy Di in this new role.

Last Updated on March 11, 2023