Zoey Kush

Zoey Kush is a former Ecuadorian pornstar, born in Guayaquil in 1991. She made her debut in 2010, when she was only 18 years old. Beautiful, with lovely green eyes and an angelic appearance. She has a delicate physique, an accentuated teen look that allowed her to make her way, with relative ease, in the competitive world of American porn.

Zoey Kush

An Ecuadorian angel

She shot most of her films with a few light companies such as Fm Concepts, Girlfriends Films and Kick Ass Pictures. On stage, she never shined at the level of her physique, keeping most of her career within her comfort zone. Don’t get us wrong, she wasn’t bad, we just don’t think she ever really let herself go, maybe because she was too shy, but if she hadn’t done well she couldn’t have worked for so many years in the USA.

No problem, in porn there has to be everything, tenderness and innocence are also very attractive to many. A sex more similar to the one you would get from a young, loving and innocent girl, than the one you would get from that slutty 40-year-old fishmonger you met waiting for public transport, that yes, technically, the second one will squeeze you better, but she is already tanned in a thousand and one battles, with all the bad things that could happen to us. What is clear, in the variety is the taste, not everyone should be attracted to man-eaters.

Too delicate?

Tenderness, as long as it can’t be mistaken for apathy, is always welcome in porn. It’s not all MILFs grabbing you by the balls like a hungry predator. Zoey Kush retired from the profession in 2016, with a rather discreet number of scenes and leaving quite a feeling of wasted potential. She did only light scenes and went unnoticed for industry awards and attentions. Although her fans were dying for it, she never got to do anal sex, this is the real disgrace.

Last Updated on March 10, 2023

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