Yinyleon is a couple that shoots amateur porn for Pornhub. Among hundreds of teens and teens, we find a superb 36-year-old woman. A Puerto Rican with a body worked in the gym; extraordinary legs and a tremendously powerful ass. The experience of a good MILF in the body of a young athlete.

A fantasy body

A know-how fruit of years of experience that leaves the youngest and inexperienced actresses in diapers. Fucking a woman like this has to be imposing, satisfying this natural talent must not be an easy task. Her movements are spectacular; in addition, her body attracts a lot of attention, so perfect that it seems almost unreal, accustomed to the typical young girls who dominate amateur porn today. A breath of fresh air that is revolutionizing Pornhub, based on hip movements and curves capable of making any man fall into madness.

Eating ground to professional porn

The scenes are of high quality for amateur porn. They know what they are doing. They work both the fixed shot and the POV with great results. A porn that has nothing to envy to the professional; neither in intensity, nor in recording quality. In addition, they strive to offer a varied content; apart from the typical bedroom sex, they have recorded in the forest, in the car and in the gym. In short, a really recommendable couple that will surely give something to talk about among lovers of big asses. No wonder they are fixed in the top positions of the platform and their videos accumulate millions of views.

Photo taken in March 2020. Used with the authorization of Yinyleon.

Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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