Vogov is a porn production company created in 2018, it is owned by Markus Dupree. In just two years, it positioned itself as one of the main hardcore producers. Pornstars like to work with the celebrated actor and often agree to shoot the most intense scenes of their careers. He is taking the hardcore genre to levels of refinement and intensity never seen before.

All the studio’s films are cut from the same cloth. They have the almost perfect formula. Scenes without respite where the dominant actor tests the anal stamina of the actresses, between acrobatic sexual positions and with an absolutely devilish pace. In 2019 the production company announced the creation of the OGO coin, a cryptocurrency specialized in transactions aimed at the adult entertainment industry. A very smart move. The future of technology passes in one way or another through cryptocurrencies and the studio is positioned at the forefront of this potential revolution.

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Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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