Valerie Kay

Valerie Kay is a Cuban pornstar born in 1988. She has one of the most forceful physicists in the world today. Very attractive and with a body designed based on gymnasium and scalpel to succeed in the pornographic industry. Her main attribute is an immense ass of splendid appearance that I know is worth to achieve a very remarkable reputation among lovers of big asses.

The actress debuted in 2011 for with a very positive performance. Her technique for oral sex is dazzling. She accompanies them between groans and lascivious glances in a masterful way. Bearing a blowjob of such intensity is no easy task. It is very common to hear cursing and shouting of pleasure to their fellow scene before such ability and ability to suck. To date he has participated in 89 productions according to IAFD accumulating a huge fan base and wide recognition in social networks.

Last Updated on July 1, 2020

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