Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi is an Italian pornstar born in 1990. She started in porn movies after contacting Rocco Sifreddi in 2012. From the first scenes, she showed an excellent dedication and skills for sex on camera. Her performance on stage was brilliant, far from the typical actress who enters porn to shoot a few scenes.

Porn is not a game

For her, porn is not a game, giving pleasure is something very serious. Valentina Nappi didn’t want to be just another porn actress, she wanted to be a hardcore porn specialist. Offering her anus from the beginning and sucking like a real pro. She responded to the first orgies like a sex-addicted nympho, with a defiant attitude, unbecoming of a first-time actress. Without fear of being wrong, it was one of the best debuts in history, we have rarely seen anything like it. Even her co-stars seemed surprised, surely, even back then, they knew that this girl would go far.

In those early movies she looked different, she did them before having a nose job, and most likely some more touch-ups, which left her with the doll face we can see now. She may not be the prettiest, but she has one of the best natural bodies in the industry. Special mention to her ass, juicy and meaty, almost perfect, both in shape and size.

The intellectual pornstar

She knows how to adapt to today’s times and her career is running smoothly. All that effort to make a name for herself in the industry could not be left in vain. She is a social media addict, she has them all, as you can see in the links below.

In Italy, she is known as the intellectual pornstar. She is a graduate of the School of Art and has published several essays on philosophy about the condition of man in contemporary society. Valentina Nappi is a regular participant in the Italian philosophy festival Popsophia. In 2013, she published a controversial video on YouTube, which would eventually be censored, in which she appeared showing her opinion about modern feminism.

I fight for gender equality, true gender equality. I fight against a certain kind of feminism that wants to blame men and punish them when they have normal male urges. It’s crazy how many men write to me fearful because they are aroused. At this point they all contact you saying ‘I’m sorry.’ They are afraid of being singled out as maniacs. To me, this is gender-based violence. Feminists should live their lives, they are like those Christians who think women are all bitches, theirs is just another type of sexual repression.

Photo taken by Glenn Francis at AVN Expo 2016 / CC BY

Last Updated on February 16, 2023