Tina Hot

Tina Hot is a former Hungarian pornstar born in 1990. She is part of the pornstar quarry of Eastern Europe and meets all the requirements to succeed. Beautiful and with a good physique. It highlights her wonderful ass, very round and big for the low weight of the actress. On stage, you can tell she enjoys, a nice smile is always appreciated.

Tina Hot

She made her debut in 2014, with very good manners, putting interest and the so necessary desire in this profession. She was not afraid of anal sex either, she agreed to open her ass from the first scenes. Likewise, she has appeared in 113 films according to IAFD, a small number considering the very high physical level of the actress, and the good performance offered in all her works. Now retired, she left us with a bittersweet taste, leaving behind a diamond in the rough before shining as she deserved. Fortunately for her fans, she is still offering content for her OnlyFans.

Last Updated on March 17, 2023

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