Rebel Lynn

Rebel Lynn is an American pornstar born in 1996. With the recent popularization of lightweight fashion dozens of actresses have seen the opportunity to assert their tiny physicists in all kinds of pornographic productions. She debuted in 2015 at the age of 19 showing a delicate physique much appreciated by hardcore film lovers as extreme as possible.

In 2016 she shot his first anal scene for Tushy in the movie First Anal. Since then she is consecrating herself as one of the most reputable specialists in anal sex today. The contrast offered by her little ass being sodomized with violence by huge penises is worth mentioning and rejoicing by the viewers. In 2017 the actress received her only major AVN nomination for the best lesbian sex scene. She is becoming more and more convincing and professional in front of the cameras. In her latest productions she is demonstrating her intention to make a long and prosperous career within the demanding hardcore porn based on completely demolishing performances.

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