Raven Riley

Raven Riley is a retired American pornstar born in 1986. She was truly ahead of her time. Many years before the invasion of amateurs in today’s porn, and within a context totally dominated by powerful companies, she became one of the most recognized actresses of those years.

Raven Riley

A smart, hard-working girl

Her beginnings date back to 2004. At a bikini model casting she met Jay Man, who would become her partner and the main promoter of her career. Together they started shooting some scenes for Amateur Facials, but soon came up with a better and more lucrative business. They created their own company, Third Pentacle LLC. In a matter of weeks, they designed the official website of Raven Riley, now extinct. In this website they dedicated themselves to record and publish a huge amount of material to be enjoyed under subscription.

The videos were modest, with a clear amateur vocation. Poor quality, poor illumination and performances that, in most cases, left a lot to be desired when compared with the spectacularity of industrial porn. Therein lies a large part of the secret of their success. It was simple, unpretentious porn. Sex that anyone could record at home as a reminder of their moments of glory. Even more merit for that 21 year old girl because she achieved unprecedented success. With a particular beauty, as a result of her Cherokee and Italian ancestry, and a first class natural physique she ran like wildfire through the streaming platforms of that time. They came to fill a market niche of great potential and immense demand. So much so that in only 8 months they raised 1 million dollars.

Taking the amateur genre to a new level

The young woman made a big effort to ensure the smooth running of the site. Responding to emails from her most selected fans, participating regularly in the forums and doing webcam shows. And of course, producing a huge amount of content, both photo galleries and videos. In 2007, they started a new project. In a very creative exercise, they mixed two genres which are hardly compatible. Blood and semen. Horror and porn movies.

The new production company was called Evil Motion Pictures and its first film was Succubus (2007). The result wasn’t entirely satisfactory, although at least it was original and entertaining. In practice, it turned out to be a B-movie adorned with a good bunch of soft and overproduced sex scenes. Similar to the big productions of that time, of course saving the differences in budget and style, like Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge (2008).

To conclude with this beautiful story her last scene was published in 2012 and the official website closed two years later. Such was the repercussion of that beautiful young woman that a documentary about her life and work was published in 2016. Titled Skin in the Game: The Raven Riley Story and presented at the New Haven Documentary Film Festival in Connecticut. A perfect ending to give the deserved importance to an actress who, in terms of gallons of cum spilled, would occupy a place of honor in the history of world porn.

Photo taken at AVN Expo 2008 by J Chang / CC BY

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