Natasha Starr

Natasha Starr is a Polish pornstar born in 1987. At the age of 12, she moved to the United States. She made her debut a year before her sister, also a porn superstar, Natalia Starr. Her first jobs were for mid-sized production companies in New York.

Natasha Starr

She had no trouble developing a promising career. Very willing, with great capacity for deep oral sex and good interpretative skills. It was all said and done. On top of that, her progression towards hardcore porn was very satisfactory. With an impeccable way of getting engaged and leaving high level performances. Special attention to her double penetrations adorned with energetic deep throat blowjobs. She has also collaborated with on several occasions, giving away some of the strongest performances of her entire career.

However, there is no doubt that her association with Natalia raised her career to even higher levels. Together, under the name of The Starr Sisters, they have worked with the biggest names in the world of porn. As if that wasn’t enough, they were both on the cover of Penthouse in 2013, Natalia in July and Natasha Starr in August. Today, she looks much more powerful than she did in the beginning. Natasha Starr went into the operating room to increase the size of her boobs. She turned her career around and made a name for herself in the competitive MILF genre. The move went extremely well, she has relaunched her career and is positioned as one of the most promising mature ladies in the industry.

Photo taken at the AVN 2014 Expo by Gary / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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