My Little Swallow

My Little Swallow is a couple that is offering content through Pornhub since July 2019. They are creating high quality content with their own clearly defined identity. Her fetish is to swallow and she knows how to exploit it in front of a camera to perfection. Sex is in the second place, and they do well, that market is already saturated.

A touch of intimacy

The lady’s presence is striking, to say the least. A masked redhead, blue eyes reflecting lust and red painted lips. Her technique for oral sex is a delight, without brusqueness or displays of virtuosity so in vogue in today’s porn. A very fine work, more of skill than strength and more of licking than gagging. With a slow pace and 100% oriented to give pleasure to her partner. With great care to make her partner spill as much cum as possible. This is where her moment begins; waiting impatiently.

Until the last drop

Directly in the mouth or by spilling, to clean it by licking. Slowly, looking at the camera and reveling in every drop. A Japanese style, with cumplay, showing it and tasting it very well before swallowing. Showing in every scene that she likes what she’s doing. She tells us in her description; she loves to swallow all his cum, every day, every drop. As if that were not enough, their work is exceptionally well portrayed by a good selection of fixed shots and the correct lighting. In short, a content fully recommended for anyone who wants to escape from the frivolity, and sometimes, excessive robotization of industrial porn..

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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