Mike Adriano

Mike Adriano is synonymous with anal sex. He is an American pornographic actor and director born in 1980. Winner of multiple industry awards and creator of a unique shooting style. Mike’s recordings consist of long sessions of anal sex shot in close-ups, always very well lit and with the anal hole of the actresses as the main protagonist of the action.

Hated and loved in equal parts, his detractors argue that his scenes lack intensity and are all equal, the same planes, the same positions and a marked obsession with the anal gape as the main claim on stage. So much is Mike’s specialization in this practice that he has devised special gloves for this purpose, the world-famous gape gloves.

His careful fucking style contrasts with productions such as Legal Porno, pornstars emphasize that it is always a pleasure to shoot with the actor and that he is very attentive to them. We may like it or not, but we must recognize that Mike Adriano has created a new style in porn cinema.