Mick Blue

The career of porn actors is the complete opposite of that of actresses. Pornstars could be compared to 100-meter athletes; their output is explosive, they give what they have quickly and their career is usually short. For the actors the story is quite different. First of all, we must assume that their salaries are much lower than those of their female co-workers.

Their careers are therefore much longer, for example Mick Blue who has been shooting porn since 2000 and has more than 3000 films under his belt. They are the long-distance runners in porn. They must fuck for hours keeping their members in a perpetual state of erection. All of this in compliance with the scenic demands that this type of work requires.

Mick Blue, whose birth name is Michael Omelko, born in the Austrian city of Graz in 1976 is a clear example of the above. Married since 2014 to American pornstar Anikka Albrite and a member of the AVN Awards Hall of Fame, he is currently in top form. His style of fucking is reminiscent of a sex automaton, the positions he adopts and above all his speed in fucking rebel in extraordinary athletic conditions.

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