Maya Hills

Maya Hills is a retired Russian pornstar born in 1987. She comes from the cold Siberian lands and has a particular charm. She debuted in 2005 in the United States. The actress entered hardcore directly, without going through lighter productions.

The actress was a real attention-getter. Besides, his exotic features are always an incentive in the homogeneous American porn. She did not have imposing curves as the canons of that time marked, but she had no problems developing her career. She was never lacking in talent.

She was stepping firmly into the world’s porn elite. In 2008 she was nominated for the AVN awards in two categories. Best New Actress and Best Oral Sex Scene for her work with Sasha Grey in the popular Blow Me Sandwich 11 (2007). Despite being globally recognized during her heyday she never won any major awards. As you can see, she was not lacking in qualities and attitude. The actress left the profession in 2016 with 329 films according to IAFD.

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