Mary Anne

Mary Anne is an American former pornstar born in 1986. She debuted in 2005. With a weak stage performance, a unique way for oral sex and some rather strange expressions. It was not an impediment for her to have a lucrative and prosperous career in porn. She had something that made her triumph, a stellar ass, very big and round for a young girl of that size.

Mary Anne

As her filmography shows, she performed most of her scenes within the anal genre. Her ass shone with its own light, she enjoyed a very striking aspect that invited to scream anal scenes to receive prominence. She participated in a number of pretty hardcore productions for those years. Without presenting great delivery, but excellently enduring the demands of the genre. She retired in 2010, appearing in 72 films, according to IAFD. Perhaps she will not be remembered for her career or her performances, but she holds a prominent place in the memory of lovers of good asses.

Last Updated on March 17, 2023

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