Marina Beaulieu

Marina Beaulieu is a French pornstar born in 1960. Since her debut in 2015 she is decisively positioning herself as one of the main “pure” MILFs of today’s porn. Presenting a physical form, endurance and sexual appetite that leaves in diapers the majority of young actresses on the scene.

The actress presents an athletic and defined physical sensational and at the level of the elite of the gender. Her sexual performance can be described as masterful. Very active and energetic but without losing the elegance and technical class of years of experience. She has shot the main part of her 76 IAFD productions for Video Marc Dorcel without ever leaving the European industry and competing face-to-face with the big American pornstars. Scenic attributes to conquer and make a name for themselves in the demanding world of MILFs.

Last Updated on July 1, 2020

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