Marco Banderas

Marco Banderas is a Uruguayan pornographic actor born in 1967. He has the show in his blood. Before dedicating himself to porn cinema, he worked as an orchestra singer for more than 15 years. He began his career in the industry performing live sex shows for the prestigious Sala Bagdag in Barcelona with his first wife Lisa Dee. In 2013 he began filming for European production companies, maintaining an extraordinary performance on stage that allowed him to make the jump to the U.S. quickly.

It stands out for printing a good speed and intensity in scene. With a very athletic physique and always appearing in full shape throughout his extensive career. In order to achieve such prestige, it is not only necessary to work at the highest level, it is also necessary to maintain this effort over time. No less than 2511 films according to the IAFD. In 2008 his work was rewarded with the AVN award for best actor of the year. In his filmography, The Four stands out, an entire pornographic superproduction in which he plays King Xerxes. As a director he has also directed important films such as The Darkside of Marco Banderas. He is currently married to Russian pornstar Briana Bounce.