Liza Rowe

Liza Rowe is an American pornstar born in 1996. She made her pornographic debut in 2015 just two weeks after her 18th birthday. She has one of the most beautiful and proportionate bodies in the industry with such a smooth and silky look that it seems almost unreal. Thanks to this great physical ensemble and a beauty of the first level, a gap was quickly made between the main producers of the teen genre.

In scene she fulfills the demanded for a teen but without emphasizing in excess. Without attacking great boasts of sexual virtuosity but doing a good job especially in her last years of career. She is offering scenes of anal sex with eyedropper, in all her trajectory she has only participated in 4 scenes maintaining a quite discreet performance.

She has also worked on a large number of productions with mature actors and has become one of the most popular and prestigious pornstars in this type of porn. In 2017 she received the AVN award nomination for best virtual reality sex scene and best new actress in the XBIZ. The following year she returned to the main contests as a nominee in several categories and thus established herself as a renowned pornstar outside the teen genre.

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