John Holmes

John Holmes was a porn actor born in 1944. His name will remain etched in pornographic history. A true pioneer, with over 2500 films and a personal life worthy of a film noir movie.

John Holmes

Youth and beginnings

He had a difficult childhood. His stepfather was an alcoholic and mistreated him. In his adolescence, after several fights in home, the situation became untenable, and he decided to escape by joining the army. Years later he returned to civilian life, got married and found a job in a meat packing company. In only two years, he suffered repeated pneumonia due to going in and out of freezers.

Again, looking for a job. Legend has it that while he was in the bathroom of a card club, a photographer noticed his extraordinary size and told him about the possibility of making a lot of money. He tried his luck in magazines and underground porn videos. Still without the name of John Holmes, but surprising everyone with a disproportionately huge cock. No consensus was ever reached on his size, but according to the available sources, he was between 22 and 28 cm.

Glory and success; the King of Porn

Porn became popular in those years because of the legendary film Deep Throat (1972). He achieved enormous success by starring as Johnny Wadd a year later; a private investigator who, with charm, cunning, and a good penis, solved all the cases. Those were other times, a porn that today would be considered as very light. Not so focused on penetrations, with plot and dialogues in each film. John Holmes also excelled in this area. His performances were quite convincing, and he felt comfortable in his purely interpretive side.

He established himself as the first king of porn. He worked with both men and women, not missed an opportunity. At the time, it was said that he earned $3,000 per day of shooting. However, it didn’t take long for the problems to arrive. His excessive consumption of cocaine caused that his performances were diminishing with the step of the time, every time with worse erections and less resistance. In addition, he had several issues with the law. He was accused of pimping, drug dealing and various frauds.

Wonderland murders and decay

In 1981, the actor became deeply involved in the Wonderland murders. It all started with the robbery of Eddie Nash’s house, a club owner and drug dealer. John, who knew him because he used to go to his house to buy drugs, was at his home on the morning of the attack and left one of the doors open for the robbery to take place. The result; the house was ransacked and the magnate’s bodyguard was shot. Nash suspected the actor from the start, interrogated him, and threatened to kill him and his family if he didn’t reveal all the details of the assault.

Revenge was executed only two days later. Three of the participants in the robbery were beaten to death with metal bars; two women who were with them received the same fate. John Holmes’ fingerprints were found at the scene. The actor entered a downward spiral of ruin and misery, from which he was never able to escape. Completely ruined, he spent his last days far from the splendor and glory that he had enjoyed only a short time before. In 1986, he was diagnosed with HIV and died two years later, at the age of 43.

Last Updated on March 8, 2023