Eve Angel

Eve Angel is a retired Hungarian pornstar born in 1983. She was one of those precocious actresses, a natural talent who at the age of 18 was filming hardcore sex for the big producers. She accepted anal sex and double penetrations with ease, with an amazing way of performing to be a rookie. Uninhibited, smiling and above all very applied.

A teen prodigy

In one of her interviews, she says she was a shy girl but in her adolescence, she started to like excess and parties. The idea of becoming a pornstar was in her head, even before she turned 18. A friend told her about the possibility, and how lucrative it would be, to enter the profession at such a young age. Already totally convinced, she began to prepare herself in order to shine in the noble art of porn. And so it was, she debuted in 2001 just after coming of age, a true teen prodigy that the directors of the time must have received as a true blessing. She entered with all, filming anal sex and double penetrations for the big hardcore producers of that time. With an insane physique, a beautiful girl’s face and outstanding performances, the industry surrendered to her.

Putting the cart before the horse

Despite such an abrupt start, in 2003 her career took a 180-degree turn. To the surprise and disquiet of her fans, she abandoned hardcore porn completely, and from that moment on, she reserved anal sex for rare occasions. Her case was very special, in an industry where actresses must always give more and more, explore the limits of their anatomy and offer extreme sex to progress she did the opposite. Without demeaning her acting abilities, she did it thanks to a natural, almost perfect and totally proportioned body.

Her beauty was enough to shine also in solitude. She established herself as one of the central figures of softcore porn, shot an immense number of scenes and did lesbian sex with the finest actresses in the world. In 2009, she was recognized with the AVN Award for Best Foreign Female Artist and was nominated for the Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene. She retired permanently in 2009, but it wouldn’t be the last time we would see her on screen. Eve Angel appeared several times in the conventional cinema. She appeared in Whore (2004), Heavenly Shift (2004) and 8mm 2 (2005). She also collaborated in two chapters of the action TV series Strike Back.

Photo taken in 2007 by Sandra’s Models / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023