Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel is a pornographic film studio, located in California and founded in 1990. The cream of the industry has filmed with them. Often, with the hardest scenes of their careers. The company was created by John Stagliano and Patrick Collins, both producers and directors, as a studio subsidiary of Evil Angel.

Elegant Angel

Living history of hardcore porn

The company is key to understanding the current hardcore boom. They were among the pioneers in introducing hardcore porn to the big public. They moved double penetrations, anal gapes and deephthoat to mainstream porn. In 1996 the company became independent of Evil Angel. Two years later, the relationship between the founders worsened to the point that Collins said that Staglaino would not be able to run a business alone. For his part, Stagliano said that his partner was a bully and that he should have fired him many years ago. From that point on, the production company began its independent journey.

Seeking excellence

In 2003, they set out to produce feature films. Until that year, Elegant Angel only filmed short scenes, with simple production standards and a few short lines before sex. The project didn’t produce the expected results, and the troubles would soon follow. Producing feature movies with storylines made the films too expensive. This problem was added to others that the studio had been dragging on for years. The following year, the rumors that the company was for sale started and the crisis only increased.

Firstly, they didn’t have a clear brand identity. Neither a website in conditions that would serve as a platform to sell and make themselves known. As a solution, they revised all of their series and kept only the most profitable ones, redesigned their logo, and hired a new company to manufacture and market their DVDs. From that moment on, the situation improved substantially and the company was consecrated as one of the most powerful studios in the world. To them, we owe such mythical series as Sodomania (1992), Big Wet Asses (2003), Big Wet Tits (2004) and It’s a Daddy Thing (2006).

A new style of porn

Elegant Angel has managed to create a distinctive and inimitable style. Minimalism brought to porn. A white background, a pornstar, and a camera. The actresses must, to the rhythm of the music, show their charms as a prologue to the action. Besides, it’s an excellent test; true professionals know how to highlight their talents and leave us with our mouths open, eager for what is to come. On the other hand, the shy and demure ones usually show themselves uncomfortable before the lack of cocks.

When the time comes, sex is the only one that matters. Hardcore and with the girls giving their all. Scenes without a break, shot in luxurious locations, where the stallions test the resistance and elasticity of the pornstars. With powerful spotlights and, very often, gallons of oil. They know that their work will be evaluated by millions of viewers. There is no better way to get noticed than by working for a top studio. One that is so prestigious and collects dozens of awards.

Photo taken at the AVN Expo 2010 by Jo Anna Barber / CC BY

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