Casca Akashova

Casca Akashova is an American pornstar born in 1981. She began her career as an erotic model, she found her vocation late, it was not until she was 38 years old when she made her professional debut in porn. Blonde, and with a powerful body, in the style of classic actresses, she did not go unnoticed.

Casca Akashova

Don’t play with Akashoba

Her name sounds tough, like that of a Russian farmer you meet on one of your trips to Eastern Europe, a tough looking lady, who starts talking to you in poor English about her village north of Moscow and in just a couple of hours is sucking your cock between two cars, so deep that you end up cumming in her throat while she makes raccoon noises in heat; a real treat.

Casca Akashova is the kind of woman you don’t play with, a master of sex, her work is impeccable. Her first scene was for Score, as she herself recounted on her website (now closed), it was an incredible experience that opened her taste for sex in front of the cameras. She oozes confidence in all her works, you can tell that she feels very superior to the inexperienced teens that abound nowadays. She blows well and rides with energy, she performs at an excellent level in almost every situation.

Born to suck

She masters all the arts of love-making with great skill, although special attention should be paid to her blowjobs. She sucks every man as if it were her last, tasting and enjoying like a bitch. Maybe she doesn’t have the best technique, others are faster and handle the balls better with the bad hand, but she sucks with passion and exerts a powerful vacuum, very tasty and ideal to get the last drop of cum. The critics are on her side, since her debut, in 2019, she has received several important nominations for the AVN Awards, the most important the MILF of the year in 2022, which would finally take veteran Alexis Fawx.

Last Updated on March 12, 2023