Belladona is a retired American pornstar born in 1981. She is one of the central figures in modern porn. She will go down in history for her hardcore porn skills. A kind of sex that was so violent, dirty and shocking that it took most of the viewers by surprise. That 18-year-old girl broke all the molds.


She grew up without a fixed residence, as her father was a captain in the US Air Force. In a very conservative environment, within the Mormon religion of which his father was also a bishop. She took her first steps as a stripper, but it didn’t take long for him to move into porn. Belladona showed the world her great talent. Her first scene was for Real Sex Magazine 31. Pretty tough start for such a young girl, with slaps and as she told in an interview years later, the first anal sex of her life.

Her path to hardcore porn was direct, the same year of her debut she was doing double penetrations and putting her skills to prove. She showed a huge potential very early on. Taking hardcore sex with astounding ease. Also, with extraordinary physical qualities to dilate her orifices. We could see her with a baseball bat up her ass and receive fisting with great facility. No wonder that Belladona won the undisputed title of queen of anal sex.

Belladonna at the AVN awards

In January 2003 she was involved in a documentary for the American television channel ABC. It showed parts of her scenes where Belladona was slapped and grabbed by the neck among criticisms levelled at the industry. The report culminated in a controversial interview where the actress was bombarded with moralistic questions. The program was used for years by associations in support of prohibition of pornography.

Parallel to her performances she had a long career as a director. She directed 90 titles according to IAFD, the vast majority for Evil Angel and with her also working as an actress. Great titles like Belladonna’s Fucking Girls (2004), Dark Meat 2 (2007) Fuck Sasha Grey (2010). She had a romantic relationship with another porn actor, Nacho Vidal. From 2011 she is part of the AVN hall of fame. She retired in 2013, leaving an immeasurable legacy. Great productions under her label and winning a multitude of awards. Since then, she has starred in several mainstream films, including Inherent Vice (2014) and The Ladies of the House (2013).

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