Aylar Lie

Aylar Lie is a retired Iranian pornstar born in 1984. She was educated in Norway from the age of 2 and is a well known figure in the country. Aylar was disqualified from Miss Norway for having participated in pornographic scenes prior to the contest causing a huge commotion in the mass media. In 2005 her fame earned a place at the Big Brother house in the special edition Sweden VS Norway.

She was active professionally from 2002 to 2003 making her debut at the young age of 18. Her exotic beauty and particular features allowed her to enjoy a short but very successful career in professional porn. It’s a shame she didn’t feel comfortable on stage and never displayed any kind of sexual exhibition. She remained in undemanding mainstream productions during her fleeting career, leaving a tremendous feeling of untapped potential.

She only participated in 9 films, her best and most lucrative contracts being those for Red Light District. The actress caused a great repercussion in Norway appearing publicly on national television on multiple occasions. In 2006 she launched her musical career with a cover of the song Boys by the Italian singer Sabrina and is known worldwide for her appearances in the video clips of the prestigious Swedish DJ Basshunter.