Angel Wicky

Angel Wicky is a Czech pornstar born in 1991. She is one of the most recognized actresses in Eastern Europe. Her beginnings date back to 2009 and since then she has shot with the main studios in the industry. In addition, her huge tits have allowed her to pose for Playboy on multiple occasions.

Angel Wicky

Great artistic skills

She has a stunning body. A voluminous and imposing figure, with huge natural tits. Angel Wicky acts convincingly; she knows how to seduce the camera and present her charms with enough grace to delight even the most demanding audience. And of course, she fulfils the essential requirement to be a true pornstar, she likes her job and genuinely enjoys every scene. Her screams of pleasure accompany each work in an outstanding way. She studied singing and theatre at a music conservatory in her home country. Her delicious moans, apart from being melodious, stand out among those of many other actresses who, due to shyness or reluctance, barely speak and make sounds during the sexual act.

Porn as a long-distance race

Her career stands out for a great deal of versatility. She works quite flawlessly. Angel Wicky is a name that any lover of large natural breasts should know. She has shot all kinds of porn, from soft lesbian to BDSM sessions. She performs extremely well in orgies, has great coordination and is able to satisfy several men at once with astonishing ease. The actress also accepts anal sex, double penetrations and some more extreme practices such as golden showers. Reviewing her awards she is clearly underrated, her greatest achievement is a nomination in the XBIZ 2019, in the category of best foreign female artist of the year. A record that does not honor ten years of uninterrupted career always shooting at an outstanding level.

Photo taken in 2019 by Tommy America / CC BY

Last Updated on August 2, 2023

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